RED Boardriders™ ...the real Kiwi brand.

"Welcome to RED Boardriders™, a locally-owned New Zealand brand that’s all about delivering top-quality gear for surfers and action sports enthusiasts.

 Founded by designer and passionate action sportsman Lee McClelland, our brand is committed to delivering the best equipment at affordable prices.

We’re stoked to be based in New Zealand, a globally-recognized design hub. By working with the best manufacturing partners and engineers, we’re able to rapidly develop and deliver awesome products to riders. Our international partners are specialists in their field, helping us turn ideas into reality.

Our founder, Lee McClelland, is the creative mastermind behind our brand. With a background in CAD & Design and a lifelong passion for action sports, Lee is also a skilled instructor in Paragliding and Kiteboarding. His involvement in Wingfoiling, Kiteboarding, Surfing & Paragliding is evident in the design and performance of our gear. Now in his fifties, this action sports junky is focused on developing gear that he and his two boys will love and trust in the ocean.

RED Boardriders™ is all about the journey - from design to delivery. Our commitment to providing 100% Pure Fun is what drives us to create the best gear for riders. So join us on our journey and experience the thrill of surfing and action sports with RED Boardriders™

RED Boardriders ... 100% Pure Fun!

RED Boardriders...  '100% Kiwi!’

RED Boardriders™ Founder - Kiwi, Lee McClelland