About us - The RED Boardriders™ brand.

RED Boardriders™ - Is a small locally owned New Zealand brand, founded by designer and passionate action sportsman, Lee McClelland.

Our focus is on developing the finest equipment possible. Utilising New Zealand's position as a globally recognised design hub to achieve this. And by working with the best manufacturing partners and engineers, we are able to deliver awesome gear, at great prices. 

Here in New Zealand you can find everything from high performance hydro foiling catamarans and mono-hull America's Cup yachts. To the incredible Rocket-lab space program. There is no shortage of skilled designers and passionate people willing to get involved in new projects. It is the perfect country for our design HQ.

We take pride in working with our great international partners and manufactures who are specialists in their field. Allowing us to rapidly develop ideas into awesome products and get them out to riders.
High quality and top performance gear, that delivers the most fun possible.

RED Boardriders is  '100% Pure Fun!’

Red Boardriders - A fresh new business model.

Our goal is to deliver much more than just awesome gear with a Rider Rewards program, but to also break ground on a new shape of retail in the surf industry.

Our RED Boardriders ambassadors enhance and support our retailers.
We have created something truly special in this challenging COVID-19 new world landscape and
 invite you to join us on our journey.

RED Boardriders™ Founder - Kiwi, Lee McClelland

A creative with a background in CAD & Design and a lifelong involvement in action sports. He is also highly regarded as a skilled instructor in both Paragliding and Kiteboarding and has worked with many leading brands over the past 30 years.

Wingfoiling, Kiteboarding, Surfing, Sailing & Paragliding are all in his DNA.
bbbLee is well known in Kiteboarding as founder of Anabatic, (est 1999). One of the earliest specialist operations, that was for over a decade 100% dedicated to Kiteboarding. Holding a significant retail and importer presence, Anabatic, was instrumental in the growth of Kiteboarding in New Zealand.

It has been my lifelong goal to build quality gear and a solutions focused brand from New Zealand. 
RED Boardriders is all about the design, the gear and the journey. While having ... 100% Pure Fun!
'See you out on the water.    I invite you to join us, and ride with us.!.' - Lee McClelland