About us - The RED Boardriders™ the real Kiwi brand.

RED Boardriders™ is a small, locally-owned New Zealand brand founded by designer and passionate action sportsman, Lee McClelland.

We focus on developing the finest equipment possible, utilizing New Zealand's position as a globally-recognized design hub. Our commitment to working with the best manufacturing partners and engineers allows us to deliver awesome gear at great prices.
We take pride in our international partners and manufacturers who are specialists in their field, helping us rapidly develop ideas into awesome products and get them out to riders. Our high quality and top performance gear promises to deliver the most fun possible.
RED Boardriders is '100% Pure Fun!' and Lee McClelland, our Kiwi founder, is the creative mastermind behind the brand. With a background in CAD & Design and a lifelong involvement in action sports, he is also highly regarded as a skilled instructor in both Paragliding and Kiteboarding.
Wingfoiling, Kiteboarding, Surfing, Sailing & Paragliding are all in his DNA. Lee is also the founder of Anabatic Kiteboarding, (est 1999), one of the earliest specialist operations that was 100% Pure Kiteboarding, and held a significant retail and importer presence in New Zealand.
RED Boardriders is all about the design, the gear and the journey.
While having ... 100% Pure Fun!"

RED Boardriders...  '100% Pure Fun!’

RED Boardriders™ Founder - Kiwi, Lee McClelland