Insight - The Kiwi behind the brand.

New Zealand is my home and like so many other Kiwi's I grew up about a stones throw from a great beach. Living and working surrounded by NZ's rugged natural beauty. 

I love how we develop and experience crazy new sports thanks to advancements in design, materials and software and because we continue to dream.

I have spent many years chasing adventure sports.
Flying para-gliders cross-country & competitively was a huge part of my life. The simplification of flight, the physics, the technology. It's an incredible mix.  Along with kiteboarding, s
ailing & surfing this lifestyle is now deeply ingrained in my DNA. 

My interest in design and product development has seen me on a career pathway of many steps. Ultimately leading to our own range of action sports products...   

RED Boardriders™  

Kiwi - Lee McClelland

RED Boardriders owner Lee McClelland.