Our ZAP, TT and other new Wingsurf wing designs in detail.

Wing surfer wingfoil ZAP wing by SUP.RED

Here are the Action videos plus design details of our "ZAP" & "TT" wingsurf wings developed in 2019 for the 2020 season. We are currently finalising the '2021 ZEN' wingfoil wing.

SUP.RED "ZAP"             3m, 4m & 6m mono strut design.


Video: Close up "ZAP" wing details + flying tips and technique


Lets take a closer look at the designs.
First up... here is a 3D model of our ZAP that you can take for a spin.

Our other great design is a unique twin tube prototype the "TT"
It's a high power wing and is on the water for testing. Further development is underway before it's market release.

The SUP.RED "TT" Twin-Tube is available but only as a prototype for now.
You can order this if you want a working concept wing and would like to be involved in the project with feedback etc.

SUP.RED "TT" 3 & 6sqm Twin Tube design action video.

 SUP.RED Twin Strut Wingsurf Wing

The "TT" Twin Strut design in development is a unique convex (Dihedral) design form. Extra pitch and roll power control made possible by my twin strut frame & the unique power control system.

Sizes planned. 2-3m for kids on SUPs or Storm force foiling. 4 & 6m for NZ summer breezes.

I had been designing this as a 3 line kite for a long while. ...but that's a whole other project... 😎 ...pivot to this... & using my unique twin strut inverted kite was instrumental in forming my wingsurf wing. It's also why my design looks a long way off what other companies are producing. 🤓 
So it's no longer a kite, it's a hand held wing for sup and hydrofoil boards. So simple an idea I wish I'd thought of that first. 😂 Alas no. 
I'm nowhere near the front there. I'm also way out in left field design wise. 😆 Kind of my happy place.

It will be interesting to see if this new way to ride the wind and waves grabs the attention it deserves from the general public.

I see it becoming a super easy access watersport for the masses. With the option of advancing into hydrofoiling.

Full credit to Flash Austin for hitting the water with his early versions as he charged ahead leading the way with his early designs.


Twin-strut original concept design video.

Follow my progress on instagram @Sup.red_

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