We're proud to announce our new ZEN™ Wing, our 3rd generation of wing.

Designed and tested in New Zealand, internationally recognized creative hub for water sports, rich in indigenous Maori and Pacific Island culture.

ZEN Wingfoil wing for wingsurfing

The ZEN combines a massive performance increase with a stylish new look. This is the highest specification, highest performing and most refined wing in our range.


The ZEN’s ease of use simply makes foiling more fun for ALL levels of rider. 

Wing foiling inner harbor, or open ocean swells. From the lightest sea breeze to full on storms. The ZEN is 100% Pure Fun!

  • 100% inflatable for performance, balance & simplicity.
  • Extra rigid geometry between Leading Edge, Strut and Canopy.
  • High power & top performance.
  • Exceptional construction.
  • Single point inflation.
  • Pacific graphics.


  • ZEN Wing
  • ZEN Bag
  • ZEN Leash 



A completely new shape, multi paneling, stability enhancements and more. The ZEN opens up new possibilities to all levels of rider. Racers, Freestylers and weekend foilers, this is a powerful and truly special development for WingFoiling.


Performance focused, the ZEN is specifically designed to deliver more power and lift per size. Delivering more energy to pop you up on the foil and more air time when you are ready for it. While still remaining balanced and stable even in harsh conditions. 


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced riders all benefit from the ZEN being a wing you won’t grow out of. No need to level up to a more advanced wing. You've found it.

ZEN wing from REDboardriders.com in New Zealand

ZEN wing from REDboardriders.com in New Zealand

ZEN wing from REDboardriders.com in New Zealand 

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