The ZAP™ wingsurf / wingfoil wing.

Our new ZAP wing developed specifically for Wing Surfing - Wingfoiling. 
Available in 3m, 4m & 6m sizes so all rider weights are covered.

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The ZAP is a dedicated mono strut design and as such it excels in handling on and off the water.
It offers truly great performance, especially for upwind foiling and noticeably in gust handling. Being soft with no rigid spars it offers the ultimate pack down and travel size.

Wave riding and flatwater conditions this wing is stable and well balanced. Leaving you in control and concentrating on your foiling.
In light conditions the 6m is all about power. 
You can position both hands further down the strut to pump yourself up on the foil with little or no deformation of the frame.
The ZAP is so much fun!

Hydrofoiling the ZAP wing from New Zealand

This is the perfect wing to get you on the water and charging into this new sport.
The ZAP is built tough using the best technology and construction methods.
With over 20 years in the Kiteboarding industry, we build them for the riders!

Sold as 'Wing only' + drawstring bag.
Pump & Leash sold separately. 



Video: Close up "ZAP" wing details + flying tips and technique


Lets take a closer look...
Here is a 3D model of our ZAP that you can take for a spin.


 shop for wingsurf wingfoil wings

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