RED AIRpro Foil Boards

RED AIRpro Foil Boards

Unparalleled design delivers an exceptional riding experience.

Our new AIRpro Version 2 inflatable foil board is a total game changer.
The extended rigid base plate combines carbon technology and rigidity with the comfort you deserve. It even has a built in hand grip.
Performance, versatility and such a good price.

AIRpro 5'5" wing foil board is 110L & ideal for riders 70kg  upto 110kg.
Being inflatable it takes the knocks and bumps out of foiling. The soft edges mean it can not damage your boat in transit or storage. Softening the blow when you drop to your knees. And allows you to access more difficult launching areas with ease.

100% Perfect for the boat and camper van traveller

Pump and bag included.