Ruakaka Site Guide

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2020 Ruakaka Site Guide
By Lee McClelland
Ph 021 520438.


Karoro Road - Great kite spot. Avoid high tide. No beach. Great for Wingfoiling too!


One Tree Point - One Tree Point Road. Parking is on the side of the road above the cliff. Avoid high tide. Very good kite spot!


Marsden Bay - Great Kite Spot. Avoid low tide. 500m wal to mud. High tide is nice.  

NNW-N-NE-E Bream Bay

Waipu Cove

Beautiful surf beach. Avoid all other users and never kite near flags. Great surf spot and cafe!

Johnson Point Road (JP’s) - Closed to all kiting now. Was the best spot for 50km… 


N-NE-E-SE Bream Bay

Uretiti Beach 

& Tip Road.

- Between Waipu Cove and Ruakaka.

 4wd access point is Tip Road.

You can really enjoy yourself here!

E-SE Bream Bay

Ruakaka Surf Beach.

You can't  Kite between flags or near swimmers. Or up the river at all. It's the local beach with cafe etc so gets busy. Its a good spot to kite too.

The beach break is heavy and kiting here is best outside of high tide. The estuary is totally out of bounds. You will get a fine.

NOTE: Part of this area is a Wildlife Refuge.

Kiting is banned in the estuary.


The Power Station / Niwa - Carpark behind dunes nice walkway to beach. Isolated surf beach riding.

Ruakaka Racecourse - End of Peter Snell Road. Walk over dunes to water. Isolated surf beach riding.


Mair Road -  Great location for riding. Carpark above beach allows a good view of Bream Bay. All tide location. Small surf… usually.

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