Pro Carbon 125L 6&

Pro Carbon 125L 6'2 WingFoil Board.

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Product: Pro Carbon 125L 6'2 188cm WingFoil Board.

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"Our dedicated WingFoil shape absolutely sets the standard in WingFoil board design. Delivering the fastest pathway to rider success and years of pure enjoyment on the water.
 Our shapes cater for truly diverse rider backgrounds and the broadest weight ranges possible. Making your precious time on the water more satisfying in every way.

All our boards are built to take the 90mm plate mount Hydrofoil systems.
The outline, profile and volume distribution are optimised to deliver the earliest planing speed.
Double concave bottom surface is a subtle feature enhancing water separation for easier takeoff.
Combined you have the fastest shape for speed and early flight up on the hydrofoil.
A truly dedicated WingFoil board design is an essential ingredient in your success as a WingFoil board rider."

Designer: Lee McClelland



Length 6'2" 1.88m
Width 31" 790mm
Thickness 5.1 130mm
Foil 90mm Plate


Material Features:
Vacuum bagged Carbon Sandwich Technology
Pro Carbon Epoxy & Biaxial Fibreglass Lamination
3mm PVC Foam Deck Pad
EPS Foam Core
Foil mount HD EPS Core with Carbon stringer
Pre-lam vapour seal coated core

Screened Graphics on Black Rails / White Heat Reflecting Finish
Deck pad 3mm Single Ply, Router Cut, Deep Brush Groove, EVA Deck Grip

Shape Features:
Blunt Diamond Plan Shape
Bevel / Chine Rails
Double concave base
Tail Kick

Foil mounting tracks
Inset Board Carry Handles
Foot Strap Capable
Leg Rope Plug
Air Vent

Suggested extras:
Board Bag
Board Leash
2000cm2 Hydrofoil
ZEN Wing 4m
ZEN Wing 6m

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New Zealand
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