Copy of Rider Rewards & TEAM Benefits explained

Brand Ambassadors - Awesome Rider Rewards!

Build yourself an ongoing income of store credits!
This is a 100% Risk Free, Sales and Income Opportunity.

Enjoy our life-time commission rewards.
Level 1 - 10% commission on sales and re-sales to Riders, ongoing.
Level 2 - 2% commission when your Riders bring in new Riders.

Long after a customer has left your beach, blog or website, we track sales to them that earn you a residual income.

Shops…. Network Plan ( By Invitation or request only.)

This is a revolutionary business model for the surf industry.
For Shops it's a 100% risk free business opportunity. Start with Zero stock or 500 units!

Affiliates, Shops and Schools are rewarded for their commitment to our brand with an ongoing income stream.

Long after a customer has left your venue, we track sales to them that earn everyone a residual income. Perfect for training operations and tourist venues etc.
A Multi Level Sales and Income Opportunity exists here when you invite Shops, Schools and Riders to join the TEAM!
By helping us grow the RED Boardriders Network you can enjoy our innovative life-time commission rewards.

Earn 10% ongoing commission in real $$$ on all sales and re-sales to Riders you onboard online or at the beach.


Earn 2% commission in real $ for bringing onboard shops and schools and supporting them.

YES! That's an ongoing commission on store turnover of our gear, paid out to you. We do this to encourage you forward riders to stores to buy our gear thru them.

We will continue to develop this program to ensure it's viability for all involved.

Legal mumbo... We reserve the right to change anything at any time, such is the nature of business in this rapidly changing world. Membership of our plan and payouts by us are a privilege and not a legal right.

Ideal for the post Covid reboot of shops looking to enhance their income stream by using database marketing and in store promotions.
Given the multiplying effect of many customers the earnings become much, much greater for everyone!
That's some very simple big picture stuff right there.
We reserve the right to expel or cancel memberships, store credits or payouts at anytime. So don't be a dick online or at the beach. And don't sweat the little stuff. We are working hard here! Unless it's windy...
We will do our best to grow and evolve this platform to benefit everyone and continue sharing the stoke.

Regards Lee McClelland.
Phone 021-520438
New Zealand