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AIRpro 5&

AIRpro 5'5" Wing Foil board

Regular price $1,158.00 USD

The AIRpro5'5" is our inflatable wing foil board.

A true performance carbon + inflatable technology board!
Super fun and specifically designed to "Flat Pack" to fold up for storage, van life and travelling.

Carbon plate technology secures your foil to the board ensuring precise control when foiling. It's a total game changer!

AIRpro5'5" Technology 

5'5" Length [1650mm]
29 1/2" Widest point [750mm]
5" Thickness [127mm]
Volume 110L

Drop-stitch Inflatable c/w carbon base plate for the foil attachment.
Foil Plate Mount is 2 tracks @ 90mm, compatible with Armstrong and Axis foils.

Please use provided
4 x M6x20mm 316 stainless csk fittings with your base plate mount.
20mm length or shorter is required.

Rider suitability [BEG]+[INT]+[ADV]
Rider tested weight [-60 to +105kg]

The AIRpro5'5" is the most versatile, user friendly performance board available. It will take you from Zero to Hero!

At 5'5" it delivers performance benefits advanced riders seek, getting even the heaviest riders up on the foil fast.

The agility and liveliness of the ride will  amaze you.


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